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Yeah, But Is It Really That Scary?

So here’s the lowdown- The Asylum is the renowned, #1 horror attraction of Denver, ranked in the top ten of America’s scariest haunted houses by Hauntworld Magazine.

But is it really that worth your money? Heck if I knew, so went and spent $30 dollars for one admission. No refunds but they graciously include discounts and reservations. Some might debate that the duration time of the attraction doesn’t really correspond with the price and would say it should be $15- $25. For this attraction, it can go either way.

People usually try to go through the haunted house quickly because they’re either scared, looking to be scared, or they want it to be done and over with. The entire area is 15,000 square feet so it could take half an hour or less, depending on how you take in the attraction.

The duration of the wait is solely depending on the day. On a Friday or Saturday night, you will perhaps wait up to an hour because of everyone looking for a scare. I went on a Sunday night and the wait was half an hour. The wait was accommodated with characters from the attraction, walking around and interacting with the customer’s. It’s entertaining and let’s time go on a bit quicker. There’s a lot of people around so you could also interact with them and even make a new friend.

Once you get in, they have you play a puzzle with a code. The puzzle is timed for three minutes and it brings up a thrilling and an urge of panic that riles you up for the excitement to come. Based on the scenery, you could see it’s disease-contagion themed and might even leave a pit in your stomach.  The door opens and you expect a zombie apocalyptic world, but instead, you’re welcomed to a rusty looking anarchy themed scenery. I was surprised and a bit let down by the entire change of the scene and theme, it was random to me and I didn’t feel the fright one might have when they’re in a world of undead chaos and contagion.

Though I became indifferent for a moment, the clanging up on the ceiling and the realistic design of the course shook me up and got my nerves on edge. The decor was so amazing, though! It made me feel disgusted and it pumped me up. Blood, rust and gore was everywhere, any horror lover would love it. But then the “fog” came in. There was so much, it was so obnoxious and almost cringe worthy. It made me move quicker and I sadly couldn’t soak in the mood.

It was pretty dark in a lot of places so be sure to hold your hands out when you’re walking and let someone who has both good eyes and a fearless soul the lead the way.

The acting, well, it’s just what you’d expect from any horror attraction. Loud, surprising, and the dialogue was nothing chilling. The characters and the pop ups  were a bit repetitive but that’s how it seemed to me when I had to lead three shaking girls behind me. But their makeup and costumes were gruesome and fascinating. The incredibly realistic blood and injury effects were what made me day at my time there.

It’s not a maze, so you know exactly where to go and you can definitely ask an actor to direct you where to go.

So, on a scale of one to ten on how awesome it was, it was a 7.9. It was a great but it’s not the scariest attraction in Denver.