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How To Get Back On Track In School

Do you feel like you have no motivation to do your schoolwork? Ever come across your grades on the Parent Portal and see your grades, just nuked like your dreams of Duke University? Most importantly, do you really want to get out of this depression? I’m sure you hopefully do, because I’m about to tell you how to get out of that intellectual jam.

  1. Get. Off. Of. Your. Phone.

In the halls or in the classroom, what do you usually see? Peers laughing, scoffing, and texting at something on their phone. And obviously, they’re on their phones at home. Technology is the greatest gift yet the most terrible distraction. Yes, your phone is important, but your grades are going to be yours forever. Homework piles up, and you forget your responsibilities as a student, trying to get out of high school as smoothly and successfully as you can.

Catch yourself on your phone and think to yourself, I really need to get off of my phone and do some work. It’s said easier than done, but if you really want to improve, then make this thought a habit and know that later, you can run a muck on those memes effortlessly when you get all of that work out of the way.

It’s easy to forget how much radiation your phone has so give yourself a breather in the first place!

   2) Make A Checklist Of What You Need To Do

Looking at your Parent Portal to do list, you probably have a lot of baggage *cries*. But it’s A-OK. Going one by one and knocking down those assignments, no matter how late, will make the biggest difference. Go from class to class and do the ones with the highest grade percentage worth first.

Don’t be afraid to talk or email your teacher if the work gets hard, they’re grateful that you even thought about it! Make compromise with the teacher if they closed the due date and don’t take no for an answer, show that you care about your grade and the class.

    3) Attention!!!

The world is full of distractions but in the end, none of it will matter. The number one reason why you’re goofing or slacking off it because you don’t get it. If you’re letting yourself and your friends get distracted, then let them know that both you and them need to focus to get it right. If you’re staring out the window like a mysterious character from a teenage soap opera or just dozing off into space, snap out of it! Even better, sit yourself in the front of the class so you’re more up and close to the material.

    4) Free Your Mind

Haha, yeah, I know that sounds ironic in this case but it’s seriously a game changer. Get off of that screen (unless you’re reading the Arvada Argos) and get the heck outside, go to a park, learn how to do something new. When you’re trying to get in the mode of getting all of this work done, you’re going to be stressed. Going outside and doing something active, even if it’s a walk around the park, can make all the difference. According to a report from the Institution to Medicine in 2013, an important finding stated that “children who are more active show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardized academic tests than children who are less active.”

So with these four simple steps, no matter the order, you can be successful within days. Take this into account, Thanksgiving Break is so close! Make every minute count and good luck!