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Why Don’t Kids Like to Read?

If I was to stand in front of an ordinary class and ask “who reads for fun”, I would bet $20 that one third to none of the class would raise their hand. Why is this so? Why is it a problem with this generation of millennials?

The first most sorest reason for the distaste in reading is how much technology has taken over. When parents were our age, they had no Ipads, Androids, tablets and such. They had the great outdoors, drive-in theaters and when they got a little older, books. They’re the teachers of today and the ones who scold we’re ignorant.


The zest for reading must not have rubbed on us because we’re surrounded by so many who haven’t felt a lick of printed paper on their freetime unless it’s for homework. Like the brains between our shoulders, we can’t walk without our phone to feel complete. We just have to know what Kristie put on her Snapchat Story just to see what she did at that party last weekend or that meme page on Facebook with the cute dogs. We have to have music pouring into our ears for distraction. Yes, that’s the word, distraction.


Because of the great creations of the baby boomer generation, we have so much luxury that we don’t recognize what helped them even come up with these crazy ideas. Chapter books are of the thing in the past, we’re way more interested in the juices of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Much more interesting, right? Although our phones are definitely one of the best things on Earth besides food, our distaste for it has a new negative effects on us.


No matter how much you don’t like to read, we must read for the rest of our lives. We have to write, it’s how we make it in this world. Reading comprehension doesn’t just stop in a literary analysis for English. It’s why we have to take four years of it in high school. We have to write up impressive resumes for the jobs we want. Proofread to see if it makes sense. Read manuals to fix the stupid broken sinks in our future houses. It’s so important but it’s looked at as a job rather than a natural duty.

Here’s an exclusive interview from one of the members, Trees Duran:


M: Why don’t you like to read?

T: No, I actually read! The last thing I read was a manual.

M: *gives an inquisitive glare* A manual for what?

T: Driving.

M: What about a regular chapter book, for like, mere enjoyment?

T: Not in this department.

M: Why’s that?

T: Why would I want to waste my time to read a book for a long period of time?

M: That’s why I’m asking, friend.

T:  Because I had a traumatic experience with books.

M: That’s quaint and all but isn’t there another reason as to why you don’t like to read in all generality?

T: Well, I suppose I could speak for a good chunk of the millennial population, if that’s what you’re looking for. Reading was one of the first forms of entertainment, right? Now there’s video games, movies, yada yada yada. Reading is tenuouous and boring compared to playing on a PS4 or better yet just sitting on your phone on something like Facebook and whatnot.

M: I feel you. Thanks Trees!