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Young Girls Basketball Team Anticipates Growth

Girls basketball is a hard and competitive sport for some, but easy and fun for others. The family-like atmosphere draws people to their games and practices for support as they strive to make the best of their season.

This is the first year with more freshman than any other grade. According to freshman Genesis Martinez, the future of the Arvada girls basketball team is the freshman.  

Martinez said, “I think I’m ready for the season because I’m ready to kick some butt”.

Lizbet Chavez said the team shares the “same struggles.” Some of the freshmen haven’t played before and can get “stage fright” in the sense that they are scared of playing in public in front of a crowd.

“We’re less experienced,” Jayla Rodriguez said. “The games aren’t going too good,” but they “push us to our limits.”

Practice gets the team ready to play and feel motivated towards the games. The practices also helps bring the girls closer together through communication.

Chavez said, “Yes we have had good practice and I think it helps a lot.”  Fear in the first time players range from anxiety to not knowing what to do. Many of the players share the same concerns.

“I’m worried about being in the game and not knowing what to do,” Chavez said.

The atmosphere of the group is like a family willing to help each other. The girls basketball team makes everyone who joins feel like part of the team.

“Everyone makes you feel welcome and no one makes you feel stupid,” said Martinez.