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In the Classroom

Recovering More Than Credits

High school is different for everyone and has a unique affect on people later in life. Many people say they wish they could go back and change something.

 “I think that you guys are the future, if I don’t try to push you who will?” Success Center Director Roger Griffin said.

There are also teachers at Arvada who are doing their best to positively influence a student. Science teacher Mark Visel believes it’s the apathy of students and their inability to have a positive frame of mind that damages their high school career.

“Not showing up to class is one thing and the second one I see is apathy. Not caring about the outcome. Nothing is fair you might have to jump threw a few hoops to get where you want but you’ll get there,” Visel he said. 

While there may be students who are difficult and may even seem helpless the staff at our school is dedicated to them, despite the issues they may cause.

“You try to figure out a way to work that puzzle. Don’t give up on them and there are some really tough kids at this school. I don’t think any of them are bad they just need guidance and need help figuring out life,” Said Griffin.

For some people staying in school and going to classes is the only way to for them make sure that their future is stable. Something that motivates people could also be the fear of their future.

“The pressure of college and not being able to move forward in society without a higher education, really motivates me.” Jordan Dick, a successful student said.

For the students who have failed classes something they often say is that they wish they could have seen how their actions would have affected their future.

“Watch who I was hanging out with be mindful of what I’m surrounded by. Have more of a passion for learning and understand the consequences of not caring my first two years.” Senior, AJ Esposito explains the things he wished he would have known in his first two years of high school.

The reason most students fail their classes is because of attendance, they are passionless and have tunnel vision, not being able to see past the present.

“I listened to a positive song “Bright Side of Life.” Every student should do an inventory of their lives, what they have and what they don’t have,” Visel said.

Sometimes the only way for students to pass their classes and get their credits is by going into credit recovery, either taking the class or paying 115 dollars for summer or night school.

“Basically you just go on Ingenuity and it’s all virtual. You watch the videos, read the questions, answer them. Do tests and pretests, stuff like that it’s pretty easy.” Esposito explains.

With so many resources at the disposal for failing students and so many teachers willing to help their students, how do teachers motivate themselves to keep going despite how difficult the teens here may be.

“I genuinely like what I do. Since I’ve become a teacher I haven’t really worked a day, it’s a way of life, everyday is new and the high school drama is spectacular sometimes. I’m a comedian at heart too so this gives me a whole bunch of stuff to use on stage.” Griffin said.

When the staff at Arvada is willing to help even the most difficult students, it can give people just enough motivation to finish high school. The staff at Arvada has really grown and they love teaching.

“The students is why I’m here. The love that I get back from students.” Griffin said.