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Jeffco Public Schools New Mobile App

Jeffco Public Schools recently released a new mobile app for parents and students to use that:

  • Offers awareness and access to families and community members
  • Delivers valuable content news, events, alerts, push notifications, and more
  • Offers all the information you need (even for multiple students in different schools) in one convenient, easily-accessible place
  • On-the-go, busy parents can get updates as they travel and work

The app can be really useful for both students and their parents. When staff member Jemima Ngoma and I downloaded the app and tested it out for a week, we noticed some pros and cons.

It’s a mobile phone app that can be use anywhere. This app has the dates for upcoming events such as games, dances, and school meetings. You can even check your grades anywhere you need. Perks of this app are easy access if you have don’t have a computer, using your phone is better because you already have everything on your phone.

Unfortunately, the app itself takes up a lot of the storage on my phone: 100.5 MB.  It’s not very explanatory; it just throws you straight into the app. You have to figure it out yourself because it just gives you where to sign up or login. Infinite campus gives you notification about grades but with the Jeffco app you have to sign in to check it. Also on the app, everything is smaller so it’s a lot better online. If you have internet you can check the same things online on the Arvada page without having to download the app.

As a students, we might use the app to just to check our grades, but parents might find this app useful because they would know everything that’s happening in the school. They can have access on their phone to upcoming events, checking their child grades, what’s going on with the school district, etc.