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Beyond the Milky Way

Roger Griffin, the success center leader and his team of student council members have been able to find different themes for ten years, despite how difficult it can be to come up with new ones every year.

“A committee of 5 different council members, they make a plan of different themes and narrow it down to one choice,” said Griffin.

Though he was hesitant, Griffin was able to give us a few exclusive details about the dance.

“Well, there is a Free ice cream bar, and we’re bringing back DJ Staxx”.

When asked what other information he could give for the students he said, “It’s out of this world.”

When interviewing student Andrew Tretteen for the dance he said,

“They had pretty good music. They also had a photo booth, me and my girlfriend enjoyed it.”

Andrew also mentioned the free ice cream he was able to list some flavors that were available like cake batter, mint, chocolate all from Cold Stone.

Another fun thing the dance included was a place to sit and take in the scenery upstairs in the second gym where they had put out tables and chairs to look out on people dancing.

What a successful night!