A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Arvada Argos Staff: 2018-2019


Oriana-Pearl Thomas

Reading and writing have always been two of my greatest passions. One day I hope to become a famous journalist and author by writing sincere stories that will inspire others.

Managing Editor

Lexy Morrison

I’m not very creative but I like writing so I became a managing editor.


Alexis Guzman

I’m kinda too lazy to write this bio. I’m 5’0 though and I like to cover interesting things around the school.

Technical Director

Matthew Garcia

I joined because I wanted the experience of handling the camera, learning the technical side of the cameras, lighting and editing. I wish to be a director further on in my future, so I joined broadcast to get somewhat of an experience.

Staff Member

Adrena Rocha

Catching bad guys is my thing, but who would have known that also writing stories are as well.

Staff Member

Jemima Ngoma

I’m kinda lazy as well, but I like being on screen and interviewing people and getting their perspective/opinion on certain subjects.


Sergio Yanes, CJE

Wherever sarcasm and coffee meet, there you’ll find me. If you join the news staff, you’ll understand just how powerful I really am…which is not very.